Sunday, September 17, 2006



New numbers from the GAO state that more immigrants are dying trying to cross into the United States from Mexico. Sad really...I wonder how the risk of death comes into play into the formulation of expected utility (asymetric information as well) from the decision to cross the border? Can we expect to see a decline in number of illegal immigrants if they take this new information into account? Or are they still better off even in the face of this increased risk?

Now to throw a wrench into that. The House decided to put up a fence and also go back and discuss a fence on the northern border as well. We need to remember that a fence limits all mobility. Individuals can't get in as easily and individuals can't get out as easily. It is not the panacea it appears to be to so many on the Right.

Lastly, some FEE education.

This made me think of the Berlin wall and Reagan's powerful speech:
Good speech. I had never read it before. Thanks for the link.
Great link...
I guarantee you that fence will cost more than it ought to to build, after all, who're they going to hire to build it?
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