Friday, September 22, 2006


New News

Wal-Mart to sell generic drugs for $4. I am thinking that the study will go well. Hopefully we can see more of that in the near future, or atleast some competitor reaction. Here's the story.

Save us Branson. Branson pledges three billion to fight global warming. If its private money, I have no problems with it. Something tells me that it is not.

Oh wait, here it is

The billionaire pledged all profits from his Virgin air and rail interests over the next 10 years to combating rising global temperatures. However, the estimated $3bn will not go to charities and will be invested in a new branch of Sir Richard's ever-expanding Virgin conglomerate, Virgin Fuels. Much of the investment will focus on biofuels, an alternative to oil-based fuels made from plants.

So, he isn't really pledging anything. He is investing in new technology. One problem with this might be that those profits don't actually belong to him alone.

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