Wednesday, September 20, 2006


The Pontiff

I would like to hear some thoughts on the Pope's recent comments about Islam. Here's an opinion piece to get the ball rolling.

I think the Pope was certainly within his rights - and even within society's definition of political correctness - to suggest that Islam might have too much violence in it.

After all, the Vatican has belatedly admitted that fighting the Crusades wasn't the best method to convert men to Christianity. Now, Bendict is simply recognizing that Islam's Holy War is no better.

And regardless of the political correctness of saying such a thing, he was proven correct within hours of the statement! In addition to being a little too well-acquainted with violence, I think practioners of Islam are too little acquainted with the concept of irony.
The problem with many religions, including Islam, Catholicism, and many Protestant denominations is that they are married to the state. Liberalism has come slowly to these existing power structures.
Ironically, Jesus demonstrated radical anti-statism, and refused to be made head of state when offered the opportunity. Statist expressions of Christianity desire to impose on all constituents the peculiar ethic intended only for those who voluntarily choose to accept the call of Christ.
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