Monday, September 25, 2006


The Saints Go Marchin'

Because of Hurricane Katrina, the Superdome in New Orleans was significantly damaged. Many thought it was beyond repair. However, they were able to fix it up in time for this season, with its debut tonight on Monday Night Football (formerly). It is being pushed as if it were a Superbowl.

Apparently some folks are not happy with the money spent on the renovations and the celebration, when there is still so much devastation in Louisiana, Mississippi, and Texas. What a bunch of downers, huh?

Look what Federal dollars were able to accomplish in such a short time period:

The renovation has cost $144 million and is expected to top out at $185 million.

About $114 million of that was allocated by the Federal Emergency Management Agency, which provided funds to cover uninsured losses to state property — separate from funds used to reimburse individual homeowners. The Superdome Commission contributed $41 million, and $13 million came from the state. The NFL's contribution of $15 million was for improvements to the stadium rather than repairs.

Read more here.

That game was fixed.
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