Monday, September 11, 2006


Sick and Tired

Is it just me or is anybody else out there sick and tired of everything associated with five years ago today? Anniversary this, remeberance that... It was bad enough that we had all of the phoniness of the Katrina anniversary, now we again have to suffer through extended sessions of "specials" on television...

So, I have decided instead to remember September 11th for a very different reason. I have decided to remember 9/11 as the birthday of a very special boy that have brought a tear to our eye, joy to our heart and happiness to our lives. Happy Birthday Butters!!

If commemorating the event is helping people grieve for loved ones or move on with their lives or whatnot, then the events are serving their purpose.

For me, however, it comes across as contrived, as do most attempts at capturing tragedy in a few hours of docu-drama. I'm not likely to forget what happened that day, regardless of what I'm watching (or purposely ignoring) on television. The events speak for themselves.
Who initiated the gatherings? Who is paying for them? Did they arise spontaneously among the participants who volunteered to host, organize, and plan for the events, or is Papa State coddling us? Might be worth a little investigation.
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