Friday, September 08, 2006


What to do about Mr. Ed?

Yesterday the House voted overwhelmingly to shut down the horsemeat industry in the United States. Apparently, it looks bad for us to sell some animals for meat. We would rather just kill than "appropriately" according to some arbitrary guidelines of an activist animals group.

Apparently, the slaughterhouses in Kaufman and Fort Worth, Texas, and DeKalb, Ill. process approximately 90,000 horses a year. So, what is to happen to all those unwanted animals? Regulations are already pretty strict on housing animals of that size and who is and who isn't allowed to adopt. So, what is proposed exactly to alleviate this allocation problem in the near future? It appears that many celebrities would simply like us to ignore it. They seem to forget that you can't just dispose of unwanted animals in the United States. Perhaps we can force them to adopt the 90 some-odd thousand per year...

Here's a good last line from the article:

"When you see a horse galloping gracefully across the plains, that's not a commodity. That's an inspiration," said Rep. Jim Moran, D-Va. "There's no reason to be slaughtering horses."


So now I have zero chance to ever "eat an American champion." That sucks.
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