Thursday, September 14, 2006


Why Do They Hate Us?

Richard Maybury lists and analyzes US government intervention in other nations in this six part series. Maybury's books are the reason I am a juris naturalist today.
Some highlights from Part 1:

"Almost from the day it was created, Washington has had a policy of backing any tyrant who claimed to be pro-US. These "pro-US" cutthroats have received money, weapons, ammunition, almost anything they needed to suppress their own populations and attack other countries."
On terrorism: "
I'm convinced that in most cases the attackers do not hate the people they are killing, any more than US bomber crews hated the civilian men, women and children they were killing in World War II." "Terrorists use what they have and hit what they can."
The most important war in US history was the Spanish-American War in 1898. After defeating Spain, Washington set up a puppet government in the Philippines. To install this puppet, the US Army massacred 220,000 Filipino men, women and children. This was the precedent for Washington's massive and routine interventions in foreign countries."

"The problem is, the Bill of Rights stops at the border. It does not protect foreigners.
A politician spends a substantial part of his life trying to acquire power, then when he finally has it, he's hamstrung inside the US.
Outside the US, he can do anything he pleases."

A good reference if nothing else.

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