Monday, October 09, 2006


Libertarian Movies

I watched "All the Kings Men" tonight and it was pretty lack luster, but I thought it embodied libertarian fears of big government egalitarianism. Maybe there really is a shift in hollywood toward making movies with a more libertarian theme.

Does anyone else percieve this trend? If so, what do you think is motivating it?

South Park!

It's no longer cool to be a bleeding heart....
Was the new ATKM better than the old one?
I think the ideas of liberty are growing, on an upsurge. But I don't know if people are connecting the dots.
Liberals are more admant about Civil Liberties, and Conservatives are getting weary of high taxes, and most people remain in the middle, but unaware of the Libertarian alternative.
Most of the time they think the cure for lack of their favorite flavor of liberty is more of their favorite flavor of statism.
The state just continues to grow.

Richard Ebeling said, in the latest Freeman, "the fiscal burdens of the welfare state are threatening to become so great in the coming decades that our society will face a series of unavoidable political crossroads. How severe the crises will be and how the damage will be minimized will depend on the moral and social philosophies that are competing for acceptance.

When such crises arise and political choices are made, it will be crucial that the classical-liberal, free-market vision is present as a viable alternative."

Educate yourself. Be prepared.
Didn't realize that "All the King's Men" was libertarian. I need to start a collection.

Any recommendations?
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