Wednesday, October 18, 2006



North Carolina's Education Lottery has stepped in to solve all of the problems of funding public education in North Carolina. Apparently some people disagree.

Besides, what's 900 million dollars between us friends here in Wake County.

You don't hate children...Do you?

N&O has a little guide on "growth" issues.

Does anybody want to take this on? Is there any way to stop this steamroller?

Are children moving to Raleigh without tax-paying parents? Are parents simply buying cheaper homes than existing residents?

How is it that everyone needs to pay more taxes if the population of Raleigh is increasing at the same rate that school enrollment is increasing?

I read through about half of the N&O's really user-unfriendly "guide" and couldn't get an answer.
I take issue with Ryan Beckworth's writing style. He opens the piece with a couple of bad lotto-ticket jokes that only get in the way of telling the story. Every time I see this type of play on words in the news paper I automatically think of Peggy Hill's "Musings" column (example: If you like knitting, I have a good yarn!).

What the hell does "scratch off millions" mean? Cut local school bond money? I guess. And why not tell us what Americans for Prosperity is, upfront? Putting distance between who they are and what they want only confuses the reader (me anyways).

I mean, I understand deadlines are pressing, but come on!
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