Friday, October 27, 2006


What are your Carbon Emissions?

Tired of feeling guilty for using too much energy? Take this quiz to see if you really deserve all that hippie ire pointed in your direction.

My emissions are 21,867 lbs (about half the American average), so all you hippies out there can lay off now.

22900 for me
and I'm not very energy conseous.
Makes me wonder if the "average American" is sleeping with the lights on.
I think it must be flying and big cars. There's just no other way to explain it.
Hahahaha 40,607 lbs!!!!!

I win. I think it must be the occasional flying and bus riding, since I don't really drive anymore and I take the subway to work.
35,000. So, did we all lie, or is the test somehow rigged to make you feel a little bit good about yourself, yet still guilty...
I, for one, quit recycling once I figured out how many useless jobs it creates.

You're an AVERAGE American?Drowning old women?

Doh. That was suppose to read.


You're an AVERAGE American? Do you als enjoy Drowning old women?


Bah, Blogger!

Only if they deserve it. I also hate children and bunnies.
I didn't do it on annual carbon emissions are 28,848.5 lbs.

Why is it so low?...Oh yeah, I don't waste my money on my energy bills --a.k.a, I am cheap.
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