Thursday, November 09, 2006


A conversation starter...

Will the control of the legislative branch of the Federal government by the Democrats, slow the growth of leviathan? Will we at least see a temporary slow down?

I honestly hope that we can see a lame duck government for a while.


I, too am hopeful of the probable gridlock about to ensue. The dems will not be able to get anything past a veto, the Repubs won't be able to get anything on the agenda. Very nice.

I voted for this gridlock, chosing every other candidate R or D.
I'm still waiting for "None of the Above" to appear on the ballot.
I also wrote in a friend of mine for every uncontested position. Dr. C., Dr. Pacour, Dr. Newmark and several others made the list.
I figure it probably will slow the growth the government spending down. But I also fear it may slow down the President's free-trade agenda (what there is of it).

Personally, my inner-centrist would like to see a return to a "third way" style of governing like we had in the 1990's.

Lower trade restrictions, reform of govt programs like AFDC, fiscal responcibility, lower taxes on capital. Compared to today, the 90's were a golden-age of reasonable governing.
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