Tuesday, November 07, 2006


For the Record

I stood in the rain for a little while tonight gathering petitions for the Libertarian Party. Ty Harrel, who has sent me more mail than I have ever received from any one person, refused to sign.

How many signatures did you get? And how many more does the NC LP need?
I only got 15 before the paper was danger of getting soaked, but that was in just half an hour.

I don't know how many more are needed.
Well....we NEED about another 50,000 signatures. A shame that it rained. That should be a big day for us. I gave up, too.

That Ty....wants stuff from us, but won't put out when it's his turn. For SHAME!
Thanks for joining us Mungowitz. Look forward to seeing you at NCSU 11/30.
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