Tuesday, November 07, 2006


Mike Munger on WUNC's SOT

Great interview. Munger says he wants into the debate, and that is leadership enough. Link at Munger's blog.

Munger supports government funded daycare as a way to help welfare moms get back to work. He also opposes the legalization of drugs. Are government programs justified by virtue of efficiency?

Speaking of getting into the debate...
SPEL held a Republican vs. Democrat debate last night. Libertarians weren't invited, but I stirred up the lingerers afterwords. The Republican got his butt whipped, as I predict the party will today.

Hold on, there!

I said that AS GOVERNOR I would not push for the legalization of drugs. Personally, as a citizen, I think drug prohibition is a mistake. But there is no political support for legalization. So at least let's not send folks to JAIL for possession.

And public education is ALREADY government funded day care. I would just start it at age 2, instead of age 5.
Let's send as few people to jail as possible, and find ways to make restitution the end of the law.
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