Friday, November 10, 2006


Outsource the DOT

If they just outsourced all the DOT work, we would not have this problem. Wouldn’t that fix all the disincentives involved with public employment (if there weren’t any)?

I mean if roads have to stay public, just contract out private companies. The one thing they need to do is have a strong legal counsel and competitive bidding structure. Yes, the have the incentive to bid higher, but if they are actually held responsible (strong contract), then it might save time(drivers) and money(taxpayers).

Here's the related news.


I like the idea.

I've heard the same proposed for school construction, and it's meeting with vehement criticism, but one can always hope.
One thing that would help in the process is to stop putting things out for "bid" (wherein the lowest bid has to be accepted, with its accompanying cost "overruns"), and start putting out Requests For Proposal. Then, the *best* (not necessarily the "cheapest") proposal can be accepted.
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