Friday, December 01, 2006



What's so great about a bi-partisan decision? Or bi-partisan committies, or research?

I value different opinions and different decisions. In fact, I look forward to the clash between parties, in hope that it will be more like a democracy.

For some reason however, there are many individuals that treasure swift and unanimous governmental decision-making. Why is that?

Isn't government's best and worst feature, its inefficiency?

Some articles: here and here

The first article seems to say that there is bipartisian support for government to do less, by pulling out of Iraq. I'm all for that.

As for the second article, weneed to emphasize in our conversations that a clean environment is a luxury good to be paid for by those that want it.

Why do people treasure swift action? Because it absolves them of having to do something about the problems they notice themselves.
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